Life in a crazy-tiny house

The trend of the tiny houses is coming from america and is exactly what it sounds like: a living space that is usually between 10 and 55 square meters. They come in all shapes and sizes and in times of rising rents, alternative living models are becoming more interesting. In a small space, it is cost-effective and at the same time more environmental friendly. A trend that has also arrived in europe but complicated building and traffic regulations still prevent the spread of tiny houses. More and more people are joining the tiny home movement for some good reasons and I will show you why you should consider a tiny house for the future.
The thing about having limited space is that you need to get creative first to plan where all your things will find a place. Where will your bed go and what about the kitchen? You have to engage your mind more to figure out, how to live and the answer to all of it will become clear! You can’t fill your tiny house with a bunch of needless, materialistic things, so each item becomes more valuable instead and the things you own are truly useful. This leads to less time searching for stuff, less time cleaning and less time organizing and there is so much time saved. In addition having a tiny home means less of your property is dedicated to the place for the building! That means you’ve got more room to grow your own food and plants and spend your time outside. Another thing is the environmental consequences of owning a large house. This big space need to get heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. For heating your home you are using fossil fuels but with a tiny home you have the chance to use alternative energy. You can place a small solar panel on the roof of your home and supply your electric heating unit with energy. So if you’re ready for a house but not ready to settle down in one spot, the tiny home is the way to do it. It is possible to put tiny homes on wheels so you can hit the road any time!

For some more information I found some interesting websites with a lot of inspiration, DIY-projects, workshops, webshops and advices.

Tiny Houses – Wohnen auf kleinem Raum


Tiny House Build

Go Tiny – Wohnträume auf Rädern


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