Zero Waste Shopping

In the article „Biodegradable water bottles“ I have already talked about the problem of plastic waste nowadays. Since I have been dealing with this topic even more intensively for some time, I would like to give some suggestions to reduce plastic in everyday life.

Germany produces about 20 percent more waste than the european average. We consume too many resources and produce too much garbage. Most of it comes from the packaging of everyday products. Many of these packages get burned or pollute the environment after using them. If there is no change, more plastic waste will be floating in the oceans than fish by 2050. Sea creatures of all sizes confuse plastic with natural food and die in pain and the toxic substances enter the human organism via the food chain. The waste should not even produced. That would save resources and protect the environment.

Why are the products in the supermarkets even packed? Not only because each brand can create and place its own appearance, but also to make it easier to portion, transport and store it, as well as to better preserve the food. But can all of this only ensure plastic? No, of course not.

The alternative is to go shopping in a store that wants to counteract the waste in every purchase by offering only unpackaged products. In recent years, more and more of these unpacked shops have opened to finally allow consumers to shop without causing more and more trash. After weighing their receptacles, such as glass bottles, jars, canvas bags or boxes customers can simply fill them with their products like food, beverages or drugstore items.

To give you a brief overview in which cities in Germany you can go shopping plastic-free I posted a map of the individual shops. Do you know more? Then feel free to contact me!


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