Impressions of RootsUp Festival 2018

In the special location "Halle am Rhein" next to the rhine promenade in Köln-Mülheim we were ready for holiday mood. Apart from musical live acts we were part of a small bazaar with handmade work and art on the outside area. It was a blast. Thank you!      


Impressions of HELIOS + SELENE 2018

How nice it was to spend the day with our loved ones in the open air at Helios37! On Mother's Day Helios & Selene started the season 2018 with a very special program for the dearest and best mom. This year, they introduced you to even more sustainability projects and focused on the subject even... Weiterlesen →

Impressions of HELIOS + SELENE 2017

We had a great time at the HELIOS + SELENE event last sunday. A crowd of excellent exhibitors and happy visitors and very grateful that we had sunny summer weather. We are still overwhelmed by so much joy and positive vibes. A big Thank you to all the kind people for their positive feedback and... Weiterlesen →

Impressions of the Surf & Skate Festival

Let us show you some impressions of a very special 5th anniversary of the Surf & Skate Festival that took place in Odonien this year. Beside a varied program of music and the Iriedaily Miniramp Contest we are very grateful that we were a part of the exhibition in the Brand Village. So lean back... Weiterlesen →


HELIOS + SELENE is a colorful and varied market concept, which combines sustainable design & handcrafting, private flea market, high-quality food and soothing services. Together with creatives from all areas, they create a qualitatively sophisticated, cross-generational design and conscious lifestyle platform. A bazaar with the finest vintage clothes for big and small, with fair-produced /... Weiterlesen →

Surf & Skate Festival 2017

HHonolulu Events is bringing the surf & skate lifestyle right to the german cities this summer and for the 5th time to cologne. I will be exhibiting with Makai for the first time at the Brand Village and I am excited as hell. As the largest surf & skate event series in europe HHonolulu events... Weiterlesen →

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